The Glenridge Charitable Foundation raises money to benefit the greater Sarasota Community through restricted gifts for a number of charities servicing Sarasota and the nation. Established in 2016, the Foundation makes significant contributions through the generous gifts it receives from donors. Additionally, the Foundation receives donations that may be unrestricted (where needed most) or may be given for the purpose of funding one or more of the following Funds within The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch:

Glenridge Academy Scholarship Fund

The Glenridge Academy Scholarship Fund was established by the Glenridge Academy for the purpose of providing scholarships to Glenridge staff members or their children and grandchildren who are living with them. The Academy, which is dedicated to lifelong learning, awards scholarships annually.

Glenridge Benevolence Fund

The Glenridge Benevolence Fund was established to assist Glenridge Members whose financial status has changed and who are no longer able to pay their regular charges. The fund was established to sustain the Glenridge Members in need and to build a legacy for those who may need assistance in the future.

Glenridge Compassion Fund

The Glenridge Compassion Fund was established to provide assistance to Glenridge Members who suffer the loss or separation of a loved one due to physical or neurological deterioration or through death. The Compassion Fund provides funding for the Chaplaincy program available to all Members who need emotional and spiritual support services at a time of a life changing event.

Glenridge Performing Arts Endowment Fund

The Glenridge Performing Arts Endowment Fund was established to support the theater program at The Glenridge. Donations received are used for needed theater equipment or can be used to build the program’s endowment to support the performing arts programs that cannot pay for themselves.

Glenridge Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund

The Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund was established to help staff members who find themselves in an unexpected financial crisis. Staff members may be helped through grants or loans depending on their unique circumstances.


The Six Keys Fund was established to create the Six Keys to Living Well Life Center, now known as The Kamberg Wellness Center. The new 8,000+ square foot Kamberg Center will sponsor programs that embrace the Six Keys to Living Well® – physical, mental, spiritual, social, emotional, and financial. The Center will house new programs to enhance Member Life, as well as enhanced space and services for the Living Well Rehabilitation program and the Six Keys to Living Well Nurse Practitioner Office (on-site non-emergency diagnostic medical services). Monies donated to this fund will be used to equip the new Kamberg Center and to provide financial support for the start-up years of the new programs that will include chaplain services, worship space, access to mental health counseling, and social events in a special gathering venue designed for those age 90 and above.