About Us

About Us

The purpose of The Glenridge Charitable Foundation is to harness and recognize the philanthropic generosity of the community’s individual members by facilitating and streamlining their charitable giving. Members can give to their favorite charities through The Glenridge Charitable Foundation or they can give to one of the six internal Glenridge funds: Glenridge Benevolent Fund, Endowment Fund (GPAC), Glenridge Academy Scholarship Fund, Glenridge Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund, Glenridge Compassion Fund, or the Glenridge Six Keys Fund.

Mission Statement

Sharing Our Gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure.

Who We are

  • Bob Ackerman – Former President, Glenridge Member Association Council, and businessman
  • James W. Cater – President and CEO, PRAXEIS and The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch
  • Howard G. Crowell, Jr. – Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Retired, and Chairman, GCF
  • Lou Davis – Art Educator, U.S. Department of Education, consultant, and business owner
  • Paul Giacobbe – Teacher, Principal and Superintendant of Schools, 37 years
  • G. Allene Hazeltine – GPR Community Librarian (retired)
  • Allan Kennedy – PhD, College Educator 41 years
  • Larry Lessen – Attorney and Bankruptcy Judge, Miami, FL
  • George Measer – Owner/Publisher, Bee Publications, Buffalo, NY
  • Judy Morrison – A Certified Public Accountant with an over 20-year practice
  • Loretta Naylor – Past Board Member on non-profit organizations
  • Mary (Bunny) Nesbit – Senior Software Programmer, Data Base Administrator
  • Mary Rainey – PhD, International Educator, taught in many overseas locations
  • Doris (Dodie) Sorensen – Small business owner, Block Island, RI
  • Marsha Starsman – Mathematics educator, 20 years
  • Betty Stewart – Educator, school administrator and small business owner
  • Marny Stuart – Executive Director, Secretary/Treasurer, GCF
  • Ben Turoff – Director, Member Life, GPR and Past President Pine View Association