About Us

About Us

The purpose of The Glenridge Charitable Foundation is to harness and recognize the philanthropic generosity of the community’s individual members by facilitating and streamlining their charitable giving. Members can give to their favorite charities through The Glenridge Charitable Foundation or they can give to one of the six internal Glenridge funds: Glenridge Benevolent Fund, Endowment Fund (GPAC), Glenridge Academy Scholarship Fund, Glenridge Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund, Glenridge Compassion Fund, or the Glenridge Six Keys Fund.

Mission Statement

Sharing Our Gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure.

Who We are

  • Director of Strategic Initiatives – Amanda Harris
  • Chairman – Carlotta Parsons
  • Vice Chairman – Jack Allen
  • Trustees Emeritus
    Jim Cater
    Howard Crowell
  • Trustees
    Steve Blackledge
    Don Heasley
    Mary Ellen Jehn
    Bill Kobernusz
    Sally Wright
  • Advisory Board Chairman – Lynn Blackledge
  • Advisory Board
    Corrine French
    Nancy Maher
    Walter Meanwell
    Tom Pruitt
    Brad Rogers
    Marie Rust
    Ray Starsman